Orlando Kid Friendly Activities

There really is a lot to do in Orlando. You obviously know all about the theme parks, and they are fun, but there is more. Take a look at some great things to do with all of your kids in Orlando.


A stroller and a parent enjoying an Orlando activity.

If you are taking an infant to do something in Orlando, what you are really doing is trying to find something for yourself to do. Most infants could care less where they are as long as they get a bit of stimulation, but not too much. Lucky for you, there are a lot of things that you can do in Orlando that are also appropriate for infants.

Infant Friendly Activities


Activities for toddlers near Orlando.

A toddler is just starting to explore their world, but it is a big and scary world at times. Things like theme parks with their over the top levels of stimulation are just not appropriate. There is nothing worse than an over stimulated child, especially when you have paid thousands of dollars for theme park tickets. Skip the theme park and instead, take a look at these toddler friendly activities in the Orlando area.

Toddler Friendly Activities


Kids riding gokarts in Orlando.

Once your kids get a little bigger, you have a lot more choices when it comes to activities. Orlando is a big kid paradise and you should have no problem finding something to do. Many of these things are even inexpensive or free. Take a look at some great choices of things to do with your bigger kids.

Kid Friendly Activities


The Icon Wheel & Starflyer, great rides for teens.
Image courtesy of iconparkorlando.com.

With teenagers, you have to choose activities that let them do their own thing. Unfortunately, gone are the days when they wan to do everything with their parents. This, of course, does not change the fact that we want them to choose age appropriate things to do in Orlando. Like most cities, there are a lot of places in Orlando where you just do not want your kid to go. Here are some places that they can go.

Teenager Friendly Activities