Fun Activities In Orlando With Toddlers

When you have toddlers, finding fun activities for your child becomes particularly difficult. Sure, there is a lot to do in Orlando, but much of it is geared towards the older kids. Take a look at some ideas for things to do in Orlando with toddlers.

Water Splash Pads

Orlando can get hot, we all know that, which is why one of the best things to do in Orlando is to take your kid to a splash pad. Best of all, most of them are free. In fact, there are so many free splash pads that there is really no reason to look for a paid one. Here are some top picks.

Disney Springs

Disney Springs actually has two splash pads. The biggest one, and the one that you will want to hit, is located near the Earl of Sandwich restaurant.

There are a lot of great reasons to visit the Disney Springs splash pad. For starters, it is free. Parking is always free and the attendants always do a good job of getting traffic through. Disney knows how to work a crowd.

Another great reason to take your toddler here is for the additional stimulation. There is a lot to see at Disney Springs and after a few hours exploring and playing in the splash pad, mom and dad will be rewarded with a tired and sleepy toddler on the drive home.

Reiter Park

Located in Longwood is the Reiter Park splash pad which is an excellent choice for toddlers.

Besides the splash pad, you will find trails and gardens to explore. And, because dogs are not allowed in the park, you do not have to worry about your toddler wandering into any messes. Mom and dad will enjoy the food trucks in the evening on 2nd Thursdays.

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Toddler Friendly Playgrounds

Orlando has some of the best toddler friendly playgrounds and most of them are even covered to protect you from the Central Florida sun. If you are looking for things to do in Orlando with toddlers, a playground is always a big hit. Here are some top choices.

The Playground At Lake Eola

This is a great park for all ages, but your toddler will enjoy the playground located on the east side of the park. This is also where you will find the swan feeding station and usually an ice cream truck.

The park also features a paved trail that circles the lake. A bit much for toddler legs to handle, but if you bring a stroller, they will enjoy the walk.

Guernsey Park

This is a smaller playground geared more towards toddler aged children. It is tucked away in a neighborhood, so traffic is light, but parking can be a bot more difficult to find. No restrooms here, so be prepared.

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Toddler Friendly Beaches

Admittedly, the beach is not always the easiest place to take a small child, but there are some exceptions to this.

New Smyrna Beach

The first beach that comes to mind is New Smyrna Beach. The east coast of Central Florida is essentially a shallow shelf which make for beaches that are quite toddler friendly. You can literally walk about 20 feet out into the surf and still be in a foot of water.

In addition, you can drive onto the beach in New Smyrna, which makes bringing all of that toddler gear so much easier. Simply drive onto the beach, setup next to your vehicle and then slather on the sunblock. It couldn’t be any easier and we know that parents appreciate easy.

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Toddler Friendly Theme Parks

Theme parks are generally a good time for kids, but when you are dealing with toddlers, things are different. Parks like Disney World are free for kids under three, but that does not mean that your kid will have a good time there. They will be too small for most of the rides and the park is so big that they will spend most of their time in the stroller. Not much fun for your toddler or you. So are there any toddler friendly theme parks. Sure there are.


Possibly the best choice for toddlers is Legoland. The park is themed specifically for children and they even have an area that has been designed for the smallest of kids, toddlers. Duplo Valley will keep your child entertained for hours. When they are done, take them to the water park inside Legoland and you will have one worn out kid by the end of the day.


Although this park is themed for kids and adults alike, there are some activities that your small toddler will find particularly fun. Watching all of the aquatic life is always fun, but they can also take advantage of Sesame Street Land. Filled with popular characters and themed rides, your toddler is sure to love it.

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Restaurants To Take Toddlers

Everyone loves to go out to eat, but some restaurants do not make it easy for families. Here are some of our top picks for families with toddlers.

Rock & Brews

What, a pub?

Well, not exactly. Rock & Brews actually has a nice family atmosphere. With music videos playing and plenty of booths, it is easy to keep your toddler corralled and stimulated. They even have a kids menu with food so good that the adults would eat it.

Townhouse Restaurant

A historic Oviedo restaurant located just outside of Orlando. With a friendly atmosphere and breakfast served all day, it is a winner with kids. If all else fails, it is never too hard to get your toddler to eat a chocolate chip pancake. For a little freedom, eat on the large back patio.

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