What Is Summer Like In Orlando?

      Clouds over a theme park at Summer in Orlando

      Are you bringing the family to Orlando during the Summer months? If so, you might think that you know what to expect as far as Orlando Summer weather goes, but are you sure? Let’s take a look at the typical Orlando Summer, so you can be prepared.

      Orlando Is Sunny


      This is the most obvious statement that will be made in this article. If you are in Orlando during the Summer months, you will see a lot of sunshine. In fact, there are over 230 sunny days in Orlando which is well above the national average. It isn’t called the Sunshine State for nothing.

      If you are traveling to the Orlando area, pack a lot of sunblock and remember to reapply often. Also, skip the low SPF stuff. Worry less about your tan and more about not getting burnt while you are enjoying the beaches close to Orlando.

      If you have kids, remember that you should reapply sunblock at least every 2 hours. If they have been swimming or sweating, reapply more often.

      It Rains A Lot

      During the Summer months, it rains a lot in Central Florida. The combination of the heat, humidity and the “sea breeze” from the Atlantic and the Gulf results in many afternoon showers. They are not a big deal though and can actually be quite refreshing.

      Storms usually occur in the early afternoon, around 2PM. They can be intense at times with lightning and heavy rain, but they are typically short lived. If you enjoy a good storm, just enjoy the show. For those of you who do not enjoy storms, wait them out and then enjoy the slight drop in temperature. Once the storm passes, it will dry out fast and you can get back to enjoying your day.

      When traveling to Orlando, be sure to pack an umbrella or grab some disposable ponchos to ride out the inevitable storms. If you will be in the theme parks, you can usually get by with simply being prepared to duck into a store when you see the clouds building.

      It Is Humid

      The city rests between two huge bodies of water. You have the Atlantic Ocean roughly 60 miles to the east and the Gulf of Mexico 90 miles to the west. On top of that, you have dozens of lakes in the area. Add all that up and you get humidity, and lots of it.

      Expect the humidity to add about 10 degrees to the temperature on an average day. If the forecast says that it is going to be a 92 degree day, it will feel like 102 degrees.

      Luckily, there is a way to deal with the humidity. The idea is to wear clothing that gets you dry. You want shirts, shoes and even underwear that wicks moisture away from your body. Avoid thick cotton clothing and clothes that fit too snugly.

      Summer Nights Are Beautiful

      Endure the heat of a Summer day in Orlando and you will be treated with the pleasure of a Summer night.

      Most of the storms in the Summer occur during the day and the average nighttime temperature will drop into the low 70’s. That makes for a pleasant evening no matter how you look at it.

      When visiting Orlando, try to plan your visit so that you can spend some time out at night. If you have kids, a nap during the hottest part of the day can make sure that they are ready to go enjoy the cool evening weather.

      Hurricanes Are No Big Deal

      Are hurricanes a threat to Orlando? Yes, they can be but the city is far enough from the coast that you do not need to worry about the biggest hurricane hazard, storm surge.

      The chief things that you have to worry about with hurricanes is wind and rain, but by the time a storm reaches the city, the winds will have died down substantially. Power outages will be your biggest concern if you wind up in the area during a hurricane. The growing season is long in Florida which means that there are a lot of tall trees ready to take down power lines.

      Fortunately, cities and power companies have gotten a lot smarter about anticipating big storms. If a hurricane is in the area, you will find crews out in advance cutting down branches to prevent outages, especially in the theme park areas.

      Obviously, if a hurricane is on the way to the Orlando area, you should probably postpone your trip. Having said that, they are not Summer weather phenomenons that you should be overly concerned with in Orlando.

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