When Is The Best Time To Visit Orlando?

      Thinking about visiting Orlando? It is a great city, but the weather we have is not for everyone. If you are struggling to find the best time to visit Orlando, we can help. Take a look.

      Orlando in spring, a great time to visit.

      Best Month To Visit Orlando Fl

      This is a difficult thing to pinpoint, because the answer will depend on what type of person you are and what exactly you intend to do while you are in Orlando.  Take a look at some common scenarios and get our recommendation for the month to visit.

      You Are Here For The Parks

      Although there is so much more to d in Orlando, this is what most people think of first. If your goal is to have a great time at the theme parks, you want to have weather that is pleasant and mild. You will be walking outdoors extensively and the last thing that you want to have to deal with is sweating to death while dealing with the 100 degree heat indexes. Likewise, you do not want to be drenched every day by “sea breeze” showers.

      Ironically, this rules out the busiest theme park season, the summer. Most families take advantage of this time, simply because their kids are off but in doing so, they get what is possibly the worst theme park weather. Some would argue that it is the worst Orlando weather, period.

      During the summer months, you have high heat, high humidity and frequent afternoon thunderstorms. Disney and Universal Studios will be fun regardless, but there is a better time to visit the Orlando area.


      If you are here for the theme parks, April is the month for you. With less rain and some of the best temperatures of the year, April is a hard month to beat in Orlando. Average daytime highs will be in the low 80’s and it will dip into the mid 60’s at night. This is about as good as it gets.


      Plan to dress in layers. It can be chilly in the morning and late evening but you still get plenty of sun to make it warm during the day.

      You Want Some Beach Time

      No, Orlando is not a beach town, but there are some great beaches within an hour of the city. New Smyrna Beach is just a mere 60 miles away and it is one of the best child friendly beaches in the area.

      If you want to take in some ocean time, the summer is going to be the best time to visit Orlando, specifically late summer.

      Sure, you can enjoy the beach year round but if you want to actually be able to enjoy the water, you want to come here in late summer. That is when the water temperature actually gets to a comfortable level, especially on the Atlantic side. In early spring, water temperatures are in the low 70s, but they crawl up into the mid 80’s by late summer.

      So, what specifically is the best month to visit Orlando for the beaches?


      August is hard to beat if you want the beaches. Average temperatures will be in the low 90s, with overnight lows dropping down to the mid to high 70’s.

      The biggest advantage though is the water temperature which will have climbed up to around 85 degrees by that point. What would have been a chilly dip in the spring becomes quite comfortable.

      Another advantage of an August in Orlando is that, if you have kids, you can still get the trip in before school resumes.

      The only disadvantage of a beach summer in Orlando is the storms. Called “sea breeze” storms they sweep in most afternoons in the summer. Although they are usually brief, they can get quite intense. Luckily, they usually strike in the late afternoon to early evening and can actually be refreshing. On a hot summer day, it is nice to have a storm sweep in and cut the temperature 10 degrees.


      Plan to hit the beach early. Arriving by 9AM will allow you to find the perfect spot without too much fuss. It will also give you enough time to enjoy yourself before the afternoon storms roll in.

      You Want To Escape The Winter

      Central Florida, including the Orlando area, is home to a number of season residents. Usually retired, our “snowbird” population is looking to escape the brutal cold of the North, usually the Northeast. So what is the best time to visit if you want to avoid the cold while still skipping the heat?

      October To April

      If you are looking to ride out the winter in sunny Florida, the “snowbird” season generally begins in October and ends in April when the temperatures start to rise.

      With average temperatures in the mid 70’s it is not hard to see why people love to winter in Florida.


      Seasonal rentals are much more expensive the closer you get to the coast or the theme parks. Communities on the east side of the city will be more affordable and still keep you in reach of both.

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